PVD center Praha

"traditional" coating center - since 1986

large volume equipment HTC1500h (Hauzer Techno Coating)

  • arc evaporation technology
  • maximum substrate size: length 1200mm, diameter 1000mm
  • maximum weight: 1500kg
  • coatings: TiN, TiCN, Cr, CrN, TiAlN

flexible equipment HTC625 (Hauzer Techno Coating)

  • magnetron sputtering, arc evaporation or combination
  • maximum substrate size: length 350mm, diameter 360mm
  • maximum weight: 200kg
  • coatings: TiN, TiCN, CrN, ZrN, TiAlN, CrAlN...

ultrasonic cleaning of parts

  • manual cleaning line
  • several cleaning steps
  • environmentally friendly water based technology
  • hot air drying

Selective stripping of coatings

  • removal of coatings from substrates without etching of base material
  • for the most of combination coating - base material

advanced laboratory for quality control

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